Please Take My Money

Or, Middle Class Problems

Here are some stationary items that I would buy if I weren’t facing crippling student load debt:

Frasizzle Made Book Journal – I often take notes on the books I read in a pocket notbook in addition to the notes I write in the margin. I like the idea of keeping them all in one place.

Back Pocket Co. SpaceX Mars Journals – I’ve seen various versions of these floating around the interwebs, but the Martian ones are my favorite. I think I should buy these and journal about the second season of The Expanse. ( I found this on Etsy, but it looks like they are a British-based company. Pretty cool:

SlimNote Pineapple Notebook – I would use this notebook for an epic Psych rewatch. (Also an Etsy find, but stationed at

Cognitive Surplus Ornithological Notebook  – The couple behind Cognitive Surplus company have crafted some remarkably cool science ephemera. I will likely be picking up one of their notebooks very soon. I hadn’t heard of them before, but they are approaching stationary items in one of the more unique ways I have seen. And they’re standing up for science! (Also, this one).

Robert Geller Public Supply – This design is stunningly minimal and straightforward, and the compnay’s social mission is near and dear to my educator heart.


Since I don’t have the money for these, I highly suggest you empty your wallets and tell me how you like them.