Bic’s Misogyny Line


The Bell Jar (Full of Pencils)

While in the Dollar Store stocking up on some school supplies and prizes for my wife’s classroom, I noticed this gem peaking out between Jot brand pencils and single Sharpie markers:

According to my wife, the Miss Bic line (um, Ms. Bic, please) has already fallen under the ire of Ellen Degeneres for being the insultingly pandering product it is. These fall into every condescending and stereotypical marketing strategy companies use to try to appeal to women – pink color (part of the Pink Tax) and a size change for, you know, more delicate, weak women hands. 

Essentially, these are the Virginia Slims of pencils.

I want to know who ok’d this product launch, and if he considers women to be humans or not. There’s no way a woman had anything to do with this launch.

They managed to nail one positive stereotype, though. There’s no eraser. In fact, they look uncapped completely (not connoting the air of elegance their market would demand, right?). Of course, women make far less mistakes than men, so the eraser would just slow things down. My wife’s pencils would be a great indicator of this phenomenon, in addition to her ability to solve a problem without creating two more, like me. I hope that’s what they thought; I hope they didn’t just assume the eraser would be too heavy for female arms. Oh, God. That’s probably what they thought. 

The good news is that they’ve landed at the Dollar Store already, so women nationwide have rejected the condescension. 

My wife wouldn’t let me buy them. She was right. 


Hyperbolic Nostalgia or The Immediacy of Now

Welcome to my blog. It’s not much, but it doesn’t really need to be. This is, for lack of a better description, my third foray into a blog attempt. Neither previous attempt lasted very long, both times because I labored under the dual pretenses that I had to publish posts with an exceptional degree of regularity or my work was all for naught, and that someone was actually reading this nonsense.

Well, whatever. Thanks to a few recent and good conversations with some friends about books, music, and the like, along with the vital inspiration of some choice blogs (pencilrevolution notably), and the choice albums that have floated back into rotation, I’ve decided to conjured up that writing muses again to put this blog to work. Two helpful realizations now: I can post when I like, and no one is going to read this anyway.

About my title – Hyperbolic Nostalgia. It sounds cool, right? Maybe? It was born out of a conversation with a friend about the original (and, at that time, sole) intent of this blog, to document reviews of old albums that have touched my soul one way or another. I still intend to do that, and I want to try to make it happen once a week. However, I think that limiting myself to only old album reviews would be stale and boring. In the second incarnation of this blog, I also had designs on reviewing comics. I had just slid back into the world of monthly comic addiction, and I thought that I could review at least a comic a week. Nope.

And then a strange thing happened. I stumbled onto the underground world of pencil blogging. I was captivated immediately by the precise descriptions of pencil reviews from Pencil Revolution, Well Appointed Desk, and Comfortable Shoes Source. And I thought, “Hey, I’d like to do this. So I’m going to.

I intend to follow one basic rule – only write about things that I like.1 I don’t need to write negative things. There is too much negativity on the internet. I only intend to write about albums I like, books that I enjoyed, and pencils that work well. I have no desire to eviscerate something. Perhaps this is a little Pollyanna.

1 I think I am ripping off this idea from the folks at “The Believer.” I’m not sure though. I may have stolen it from Johnny Mac.